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Rokk, the voice of insanity, and Steven, the voice of reason, tackle the latest news from Marvel, DC and Image as well as review the newest comics from the Big Three comic book publishers. Rokk and Steven offer up their own unique takes on the world of comics that is different than what the Internet's echo chamber delivers.
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Mar 19, 2018

Rokk is back from his Walt Disney World vacation! Rokk and Steve have plenty of comic news to cover. The boys take a look at the reorganization of Disney’s corporate structure and how that impacts Marvel Comics. They also talk about Marvel’s “Fresh Start” relaunch. Then they take an in-depth look at the February, 2018 sales chart and discuss which franchises are supporting Marvel and DC and why the Big Two are publishing certain poor performing titles. They break out the titles into groups to see who are the Top 10 female solo titles and the Top 10 minority solo titles.

Feb 21, 2018

In Part 2 of this episode, Rokk and Steven review the following titles:

Captain America #698

X-Men Blue #21

Old Man Hawkeye #2

Titans #20

The Flash #40

Sideways #1

Wonder Woman #40

Marvel Two in One #3

Old Man Logan #35

Weapon X #14

Red Hood and the Outlaws #19

Feb 19, 2018

In Part 1 of this episode, Steven and Rokk discuss the news surrounding Star Wars, they review the January 2018 comic sales chart, and they go in depth discussing the new Black Panther movie.

Feb 13, 2018

In this latest episode, we finally fix our sound issues with Steven's mic! Rokk and Steven break down the new Solo movie trailer. They boys then discuss the early January 2018 comic sales numbers. They then discuss the WTF?! moment of the week reading comics which was brought to us by Nightwing #38.

Rokk and Steven then review the following issues:

She-Hulk #162

X-Men: Red #1

Infinity Countdown: Adam Warlock #1

Superman #40

Deathstroke #28

Justice League #38

Feb 9, 2018

Part 2 of 2. In this podcast, Rokk and Steven review Avengers #678, Captain Marvel #128, Moon Girl #27, The Silencer #1, The Flash Annual #1, Dark Knights: Metal #5, and Justice League of America & Doom Patrol #1.

Feb 5, 2018

After a bit of a hiatus...well, okay, kind a long hiatus, The Comic Book Revolution Podcast is back! This episode is Part 1 of 2. In this episode, Rokk and Steven talk about the news that Brian Bendis will be handling Superman and Action Comics, Star Wars: The Last Jedi and what the box office numbers and drop is toy sales means for Disney, and a discussion surrounding the December 2017 sales chart and what Marvel needs to do to rebuild itself in the wake of the firing of Axel Alonso.

Mar 7, 2016

In this episode, Rokk and Shawn tackle another batch of new comic books. Shawn's complaining paid off as the boys review and equal number of Marvel and DC comics. The guys take one the following issues:

Amazing Spider-Man #8

Power Man and Iron Fist #1

The Uncanny Inhumans #5

Batman and Robin Eternal #20

Superman: American Alien #4

Robin Son of Batman #9

Along the way, the boys discuss just what in the world Dan Slott was trying to teach us about China, why Luke Cage and Danny Rand are the ultimate buddy team, why Damien is the best Robin, why Goliath is indeed a dog crossed with a bat and why Superman origin stories have become completely played out.

Feb 19, 2016

In this episode Rokk and Shawn review Red Wolf #3, Hawkeye #4, All New X-Men #4, Batman #49, New Suicide Squad #17, Totally Awesome Hulk #3 and Ultimates #4.

Along the way, the boys talk about indie styled artwork on Marvel super hero comics, Bamfs and their awesomeness, the seemingly everything goes no rules Marvel continuity, when an issue full of talking heads can actually be a compelling read and how Marvel is failing characters like Amadeus Cho and X-23.

Feb 7, 2016

Rokk and Shawn are back to take on more comics from Marvel and DC. In this episode, the boys review:

Deathstroke #14

Justice League of America #7

All New Inhumans #3

All New All Different Avengers #4

Old Man Logan #1

Extraordinary X-Men #6

Spider-Woman #3

Along the way, the guys also discuss if writers should talk directly to readers in defending the writer's decisions, the best way to make every comic friendly to a potential new reader, the best way to experiment with new and different styles of comics without alienating the core readership and if shoving characters from all over Marvel's continuity into one Earth makes for good storytelling. Shawn makes his usual arcane comic book references like bringing up DC Comics' Chase.

Jan 28, 2016

Rokk and Shawn discuss DC's Rebirth and Marvel's Dead No More. The guys then review the following Comic Books:


Captain Marvel #1

Silver Surfer #1

Hercules #3

New Avengers #5

Drax #3